What make all our learners/students unique is that they all come from challenging backgrounds, Black, White, Indian and Coloured.  As South Africans, we all have some baggage we inadvertently carry from the past that is causing us to err and make decisions that affect us negatively.  Carrying this huge amount of emotional baggage can prevent you from achieving success, unless you decide to let it go. Our students and learners arrived at a crossroad called unemployment and had to make this decision. To let the past go and find their true Self, in so doing discover that you can achieve your own dreams!

The challenges they had to overcome are immense. There is no proper public transport system in our country, and they have to negotiate and navigate their way to class each day, and we accept no excuses for arriving late! A proper dress code and providing for their own lunch while on training is a feat on its own that they overcome with the support we provide. The different cultures and backgrounds of their fellow classmates can hamper their growth if they allow this to happen. With our liberal arts training based on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), this is overcome easily.

Our training methods make use of four recommended practices that form the acronym SAFE, (for Sequenced, Active, Focused, and Explicit). This involves instruction in processing, integrating, and selectively applying social and emotional sills in developmentally, contextually, and culturally appropriate ways.

The skills and training they receive include Life Skills training, Communication, Sententia, Music Orientation, Philosophy, Business English, Self Awareness, Self Esteem, Meditation, Tai Chi, Business Correspondence, Principles of Writing, Stress and Time Management, Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Assertiveness, Nutrition, Customer Services, Dancing, Budgeting and Language.

Corporate customers use our up to date training facility to do their Industry Specific Training with the learners if and when required.

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