Economic Empowerment

Statistically, townships have the highest crime rate in most urban areas, rendering the youth in townships despondent, hopeless, and above all, desperate. There are obvious signs that our young people lack the skills and capacity to take on the challenges posed by the globalization of the economic and corporate sector. The lack of response from the social-economic sector, adds further frustration to their daunting task of trying to become part of the mainstream economy.

This problem has become an unpleasant part of our society, and it invariably manifests itself through the daily social decay we experience in our townships. Unless companies with the necessary resources, takes ownership, the astronomical void between the haves and the have-nots left by illiteracy, poverty, lack of self-confidence, and joblessness amongst our youth, will lead to utter anarchy. CDK’s business owners accept and appreciate that they have an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the economic welfare of communities, specifically through creating opportunities for the youth.

Our value proposition is two-fold, firstly, we offer opportunities for economic growth, inter alia, recruitment and training, that leads to poverty reduction, and ultimately, the betterment of our communities and society at large. And secondly, we offer solutions to some of the challenges corporations face when having to deal with fulfilling their enterprise development requirements.