So you’ve passed matric, graduated from university or dropped out as student due to life decisions and now are unable to find a job or get direction in life? We will assist you to identify and bridge the “gap” with a life skill course at our academy.
You already have what it takes!

Do you suffer from low self esteem, unhappy, angry, and frustrated with life? Do you perhaps belief that life, or your
Parents / family, owe you something? Are you feeling that no one seems to understand you? Are you unhappy with the life choices you have made up till now? Would you like things to change, to be better? Are you a parent that feels life is taking its toll on you and your family? Start to work with one of our qualified Life Coaches and create a better future!

You already have what it takes!

CDK’s Life Coaching Workshops that includes the Arts; were designed to help you navigate through life’s challenges, finding happiness right in the middle of your “storm”! You will find it easier to make decisions, find solutions to everyday problems, become a better person, be more confident, stop feeling guilty, make better choices, become your own best friend, enjoy alone time, appreciate family and friends, pay your debt, live debt free, experience that less is more, pay attention to what you eat, forgive yourself and others easily, let go of the past and a lot more!

By the liberation and training of the Mind and the conquering of the ego, you will find it easier to navigate life’s many obstacles and challenges. You discover a path to set your Soul free, find your true Self and live a life of true happiness.

As human beings we were given the most sophisticated and grandest of abilities to live a life of success! Inside your body you have all the right apparatus to design such a life for yourself. You have the ability to be innovative and bring about any change you want. It is your birthright!

For your body to work at its finest, you must be in unity with your Mind, Physical Body, Emotions, Soul/Spirit and Heart. How do you achieve this?

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates
What does it mean to live an examined life?
Socrates’ claim that the unexamined life is not worth living makes a satisfying climax for the deeply principled arguments that Socrates presents on behalf of the philosophical life. The claim is that only in striving to come to know ourselves and to understand ourselves do our lives have any meaning or value.

Socrates believed that the purpose of human life was personal and spiritual growth. We are unable to grow toward greater understanding of our true nature unless we take the time to examine and reflect upon our life. As another philosopher, Santayana, observed, “He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it.”

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