Our History

Carpé Diem Kaleidoscope (CDK) is a Coaching Academy and Recruitment Company, and is a wholly black-owned SMME, with the majority shareholder being a black female. CDK was launched into the extremely competitive market of Human Resource Development – in the Transport and Logistics Industry – in 2003. The company provides coaching, training and recruitment services to individuals and corporations. CDK has been utilizing its own funding since it’s inception in 2003, to provide and expand aforementioned services. In essence, we are training and recruiting South African citizens and in so doing, help alleviate the unemployment crisis in South Africa.

The founding member of this organization, Carol Ova, identified a niche in the job placement industry, and the impetus to start her own business was created, and CDK was launched in 2003. The driving force behind her decision to start CDK was not enough, and she understood that she would have to develop specific stratagems that would be in line with these unique challenges. Months were spent developing the policy that would become the cornerstone of CDK, and its future.

The vision, mission, and strategic values, that formed a fundamental part of the standard operational procedures of CDK, were developed in conjunction with this initial needs assessment. The company was registered as a close corporation, but has been converted to proprietorship and is currently at a growth and development stage, looking at expansion opportunities.