We strive to be the preferred provider of accredited, skills training programmes and recruitment consulting services to individuals and companies who are serious about making South Africa work.

CDK`s successful recipe for consistently delivering outcomes to our customer`s highest expectations is a key factor in its growth over the past 12 years. The company`s programs and services are continually reviewed and enhanced in line with our strategy to meet current and future customer and market requirements.

The aim of CDK`s service offering is to provide learners and jobseekers holistic training based on what we believe are essential components for success in the business environment.

Does your company truly care about people, and wish to make a difference in our communities? Using us as preferred service provider in your company’s recruitment and team building needs is the answer!

By using us as your preferred service provider, apart from your spend with us, your company will indirectly assist us in building a prestigious liberal arts academy that serves the community, and forever change the landscape of our beautiful country! Stretching your rand and making your investment go further.



CDK can offer a wide range of services in Recruitment, placing of staff and training to suit your budget.

Our rates are cost effective, backed by knowledge based training, supported by passionate mentors.

It was specifically designed to fit into any budget parameters, albeit Enterprise Development, Corporate Social Investment, Work Place Skills Program, Employment Tax Incentive, Early Employment Support backed by Stipend Management, and a wide range of youth development skills programs, with a 135% scoring on your BBBEEE scorecard.



Becoming an esteemed CDK client will not only improve your revenue by investing in your company’s human resources, but ALL staff’s family will benefit! If your company spends more than R 150 000.00 per annum on any of our services, biological and adopted children of staff can attend one Family Team Building Workshop for FREE! No cost to the company or individual!

CDK’s Database:
We have an extensive database of matriculants, graduates and skilled candidates available for employment opportunities.The CDK Team constructs a hub around your company’s human resource requirements, in order to assist with cost and time savings, resulting in tailor made solutions, which are detailed to your company’s DNA.

CDK supports all learnership programs we work with, until after completion of each project. Our company achieves this by providing support through our unique style of Life Coaching and Mentoring for candidates or employees, long after whichever learnership or internship training is completed.

Comair CDK EDP Outcomes
· Over 200 Learners recruited into a Comair Learnership through CDK.
· 100% retention ratio during overall learnership training.
· 96% absorption rate into permanent employment with Comair Ltd.
· 95% retention ratio once permanently employed.
· +R24million in salaries for this financial year alone for these HDI’s.

Benefits to Comair Ltd through this EDP approach

1. +R3million saving in recruitment/training fees through this EDP partnership.
2. 125% procurement recognition due to CDK Level 1 BBBEE Rating.
3. Increase in Comair Ltd revenue.

BBBEE Level 1 Contributor